General Hospital Fall Preview For 2023: Sonny Is ARRESTED, Anna’s Attacker Revealed

General Hospital Fall Preview For 2023 are out and promises a thrilling and exciting watch ahead. For starters, the story surrounding Anna’s assailants will reach its culmination with a huge reveal. Meanwhile, Sonny will be facing some severe consequences that will have a massive impact on his domestic life. Elsewhere, Carly will take drastic measures to help someone. Some couples will also have to stand the test of time. Will they pass? As for Molly and TJ, their family plans will also be tested. So keep reading to find out what more to expect on GH this fall!

Valentin & Anna Face A Shocking Reveal, Nina & Sonny’s Relationship Is On The Line

The hype around who the real culprit behind all the Metro Court shooting and the arson at Anna’s house has been building rapidly on General Hospital. Initially, the clues and Valentin’s own sheepish behavior were pointing towards his involvement in the matter. However, that is not the case. During the fall, Anna will finally come face -to-face with her real attacker. Valentin will definitely be part of the storyline but won’t be connected to the assailant. So stay tuned to find out who it really is and what do they want from Anna.

General Hospital Fall preview teases that Sonny Corinthos will have to face a shocking arrest in the upcoming weeks. However, the reason behind the arrest is still under wraps. But the circumstances will certainly have a huge impact on his wedding plans with Nina Reeves. Interestingly, their wedding plans may take a hit when Nina’s own secret finally spills out. After all, how long can the cat stay in the bag anyway. So she will have to face the consequences of leaking the secret to SEC.

General Hospital Fall Preview: Martin Faces A Blast From The Past, Chase Learns A Heartbreaking Truth

In the upcoming episodes, Martin Grey will have to counter someone from his past when they arrive announced in Port Charles. One Life to Live’s crossover character, Blair Cramer (Kassie DePaiva), is slated to join General Hospital. Perhaps she will play Martin’s ex-wife. We wonder what shakeups that will cause? Could it somehow affect Deception? But one thing is for sure, it will certainly spell trouble for Martin and Lucy. Speaking of Lucy, she will also be crossing swords with Tracy Quartermaine to protect Deception.

General Hospital

Gregory has been doing his best to keep his ALS diagnosis under wraps on General Hospital. However, in one of the recent episodes, he opened up to his son, Finn, in a very emotional scene. The fall preview for 2023 reveals that in the following episodes, his younger son, Chase, too will learn the shocking news. However, the update may not come from Gregory himself, but from an unexpected source. Who could reveal the truth to him, Moreover, how will he react to the shattering news about his father’s health condition?

Couples Face Relationship Trouble, Carly and Cody Make Bold Moves

General Hospital Fall Preview reveals that many couples will face the heat in the upcoming weeks. For starters, Spencer’s growing closeness with Ace and Trina will certainly create some unrest between him and Trina. Although, his girlfriend has been anything but understanding and supportive of him so far. But the complications posed by Esme, in particular, might start taking a toll. Do you think Spencer and Trina can survive this? Meanwhile, Portia and Curtis, too, will go through a tough phase as they try to accept the new normal in their life. Will they manage to make it through?

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Cody has been doing his level best to save Sasha from the scary fate she is suffering in Ferncliff, courtesy Dr. Montague and Gladys. The General Hospital Fall Preview hints that his efforts will continue at the mental facility, and he will make a shocking discovery. Speaking of shockers, Cody and Dante will also find out that Mac Scorpio is Cody’s bio-dad. Thus, Dante will push him to open up to his father. Meanwhile, Carly will seek Alexis’ help

in exposing the corrupt judge who threw Drew in the slammer with an extremely hard sentence. Carly will push Alexis to publish an expose in The Invader.


General Hospital Spoilers: Nikolas’ Survival Story Plays Out, Molly & TJ Face Surrogacy Woes

Nikolas Cassadine has finally woken up from his coma. The August 31, 2023, episode showed him being rater chummy with Austin Holt. So be prepared to find out the real truth about what happened between Nik and Austin on General Hospital. The Fall Preview teases that Ava will have to face many complications when Nik finally steps back in Port Charles. But his return home won’t happen without a few shockers and several curve balls. Maybe Laura’s search for him will have an impact too! So watch out for what will happen when they come face-to-face.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Molly and TJ will also face some difficulties as far as their hopes for a successful surrogacy process are concerned. These new hurdles will once again cause a clash between Molly and Kristina. We really wonder where this storyline is actually headed. Will the onus of the surrogacy finally land on Kristina’s shoulders eventually? Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on that!

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