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General Hospital News: Brooke Anne Smith Speaks Out After Getting Fired

General Hospital star Brooke Anne Smith has gotten fired from the show. The actress, who played Molly Lansing- Davis for a short time period, has been replaced with yet another actress who has taken on the role this year: Kristen Vaganos. This is the fourth actress that has played the character in less than six months. Molly’s original portrayer, Haley Pulos, was also fired from the show after a terrible car accident she had back in April. She’s now facing felony charges. Here’s what you need to know.

General Hospital News: Brooke Anne Smith Speaks Out After Getting Fired

It goes without saying that many fans took to social media to weigh in on all of these sudden changes on the show. Even though a lot of people complained that Brooke Anne looked nothing like the original Molly and that she was significantly older than the character in real life, others believe that she was let go too quickly.

Some General Hospital fans took to social media to weigh in on the matter by writing to Brooke Anne, “They have got to stop the revolving doors of Molly’s on GH. They didn’t even give you a chance. I thought you did a terrific job and we’ll miss the way you portrayed the character. I wish you all the best!” along with, “You did a great job! Don’t listen to these people who need to bring someone down to feel better about themselves. Good luck with whatever is next for you.”

General Hospital News: What’s Next For Brooke Anne?

Brooke Anne herself responded to the comments with, “Thank you so much for the love and support! I have four movies coming out, one is a Christmas movie on Amazon this Christmas; so stay tuned.”

When another fan wrote, “No More General Hospital,” Brooke said, “No, but thank you for all the support and love you and others have shown me during my time on the show.”

Now, as far as Brooke Anne’s replacement, Kristen Vaganos will do, remains to be seen. Watch this space.

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