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General Hospital Preview: Carly Makes a Call That Sends [Spoiler] Running for Their Life — or as if Someone Else’s Depended on Them

In General Hospital’s preview for the week of August 28 – September 1, it’s a race against the clock! Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

Last week Deception was served with a lawsuit claiming they stole the idea of The Deceptor, and all their stocks and assets were frozen. Brook Lynn wasted no time in confronting Tracy, who admitted she was behind the lawsuit and was working with the company which Lucy stole The Deceptor from. She wanted nothing more than to see Deception totally ruined! Coming up, in court, Maxie assures Brook Lynn and Lucy it will all be okay, and this is a good opportunity to smoke out the mastermind who is behind this and shut them down for good. Suddenly, Jackson Montgomery enters the courtroom. Lucy’s mouth drops!

Sonny’s laid the trap and Betty, Mason and Austin took the bait, with Austin delivering fake information on Pikeman to their boss who was none other than Cyrus Renault! But what does Cyrus want with this information? As he told Austin, he planned on using it to do the lord’s work! What does that mean?

Coming up, Brick suggests to Sonny that perhaps someone is trying to get rid of him and get the money for themselves. Also, Carly makes a call to someone and warns them, “Do you hear me? Get out of there now!” In the next scene, Dex is shown running up a stairwell. Could Sonny, or Joss, be in danger?

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