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General Hospital Preview: Halloween in Port Charles Could Prove Fatal for One Resident

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In General Hospital’s preview for the week of October 30 – November 3, things are about to get spooky in Port Charles. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

It’s Halloween in Port Charles, and everyone is ready to celebrate!

Adam, dressed as the wolfman, shows up to scare Joss at her dorm at PCU. Of course, Joss doesn’t realize it, but Adam is crushing on her pretty badly.

The kids of all ages are out trick or treating. Aiden chooses a steampunk costume, Jake is a mad scientist, and Maxie’s daughter Georgie is a little devil. Given she’s Maxie’s daughter the costume fits!

Scout goes as the scarecrow, while Wiley chooses a Star Wars-themed costume, as does his father. They go as Luke and Darth Vader! Avery goes as a mermaid and Donna is a rag doll. What’s really scary is Nina and Carly are acting civil as the kids have a good time, though Michael is keeping a watchful eye…

However as the kids enjoy the holiday, ominous music builds. Jake can’t seem to find Charlotte. Where is Charlotte, and what is her costume of choice this year?

As Anna heads to an apartment and opens the door, we hear her yell, “Freeze!” Has she caught Charlotte in the act of terrorizing her once again?

Read the General Hospital spoilers to find out who Laura turns to for help, and who gives “Eddie” a boost.

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