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General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Finally Get A New Love Worthy Of Her!

General Hospital spoilers tease that General Hospital should see several new storylines coming to fruition in the coming weeks as the new writing team begins their plans for the show.

One thing that certainly needs to be addressed is Ava Jerome’s (Maura West). Ava has been single for far too long and even though she’s been paired romantically, it hasn’t worked out for a lot of reasons. But before we look into the future, let’s see why Ava’s romantic history has been lacking.

General Hospital Spoilers – A Serial Killer in Disguise!

Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom), Port Charles’ most infamous serial killer was also the twin brother of Dr. Kevin Collins (also Jon Lindstrom).

Although the general public believed Ryan to be dead, he was actually under Kevin’s care in a mental facility. But one day, Ryan overpowered Kevin and took his place for several months. Ryan fell in love with Ava and believing him to be Kevin, Ava fell in love with him as well.

But Ryan killed Ava’s daughter, Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin). Once Ryan’s deception was discovered, Ava was devastated and any feelings she had for him quickly turned to hate.

GH Spoilers – Nikolas Cassadine and Ava Jerome were a match made in heaven, for a while!

Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss) and Ava shared an attraction from the moment they met. Even though there was a connection, the duo didn’t really like each other.

Eventually, Ava forced Nikolas into a marriage of convenience and it was during this time that they fell in love for real. They were happy for a time but things kept coming between them and recently they acknowledged that they were over for good. So now it’s time for someone new!

General Hospital Spoilers – Ava Jerome needs to go in a new direction!

Currently, Ava is staying with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Bernard) for her own protection while Sonny tries to find out who has been terrorizing Ava in recent weeks.

General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Finally Get A New Love Worthy Of Her!

But once all of that is resolved, perhaps it’s time for someone new to sweep Ava off her feet. Ava certainly doesn’t need a man to complete her, but she is too vibrant to be alone forever.

As the new writing team settles in, it seems most likely that one of the first things they will address is Ava’s lack of romance.

What do you think?

Were you hoping Ava and Nikolas would reconcile? Will Sonny and Ava hook up due to their current living arrangements? Or should Ava be with someone completely new?

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