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General Hospital Spoilers: Big Twist Coming For Trina And Spencer

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Spencer and Trina fans had been letting their displeasure known quite vocally on social media about General Hospital not taking their romance forward fast enough. However, delayed gratification in this case certainly became a winner! Their scenes from New York, making love with each other for the first time were breathtakingly beautiful. Soap lovers will remember this for a long-long time to come! Moreover, apart from just a remarkable rendezvous, this NYC romance can also prove as a huge turning point for Trina and Spencer, as their life could change forever! If you want to know what we are talking about, dive right in!

Trina and Spencer Make Love On General Hospital

We have to admit that Trina and Spencer’s romance track has always progressed at a painfully slow pace on General Hospital. It took them forever to even confess their true feelings to each other. An even when they did begin to date, they faced roadblock after roadblock. The most pressing one among them all has been Esme and Ace. Spencer has been going above and beyond his duties as an elder brother. He has been investing himself in Ace just like a father would. However, it has certainly cost him time with Trina. But all that changed when he swept her off to NYC for a romantic weekend.

General Hospital
GH/ Spencer and Trina make love for the first time

Not only did Spencer and Trina spend some much needed alone time together, but they also finally consummated their relationship on General Hospital. Their love making scene was beyond ethereal. We have to admit that they certainly looked like a dream together. Now, we are not saying that they would have been reckless enough to skip “precautions”. Especially, since this was a planned night. But accidents do happen, right? So what if their romantic night together ends up putting a bun in Trina’s oven?

Trina Get’s Pregnant, Life Changes Forever

Spencer and Trina’s story has been really slow up till now, but that could have been done purposely on General Hospital. Because if Trina does get pregnant, it will change way too many dynamics for way too many people! For starters, Trina’s whole world will flip upside down. She is a smart young woman with plans, and they will all come to screeching halt if she has to embrace motherhood suddenly! As for Spencer, well, now that he has had a practice run with Ace, he will certainly rise up to daddy duties beautifully. However, this may create some distance between him and baby Ace.

GH/ will Trina get pregnant?

But that could be quite interesting, because Nik is back on General Hospital! And considering that Nik does not have a very good relation with Spencer, he may want Ace as a do over baby! So Spencer is about to get stuck in quite a battle while his hands will be full with his own baby! And then there is Portia, oh what a sight her face would be! She can’t even stand Trina dating Spencer, imagine if she has to be a grandmother to a Cassadine baby! Chuckles! All in all, SPRINA can soon face many unexpected bombshells in the future!

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