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General Hospital Spoilers: CONFIRMED! Nina Is Being EXPOSED

General Hospital had been keeping a lid on this one for a long while now. So much so that even many of the characters involved in this particular story were starting to feel like the whole matter is behind them. We are talking about Nina’s explosive secret! We know that she was the one who leaked Drew and Carly’s insider trading intel to the SEC. But Ned Quartermaine was blamed for it for the longest time. Of course, until his head injury and memory loss sort of pulled the plug on that storyline! But the latest spoilers tease that the truth will finally be out this Autumn! Keep reading for more details!

Nina Breathes A Sigh Of Relief A Little Too Soon

Nina’s impulsiveness has never done her any favors on General Hospital. However, this time, her actions have the potential to blow up her world to the point of irreparable damage. She didn’t think of any of those consequences when she leaked the intel to SEC through Martin. It was Ava who brought her attention to the major fall outs the truth would cause. Ever since then, Nina started living under constant fear of Sonny finding out the truth and dumping her. The fear became even worse when Ned found out the truth. Thus, she decided to confess to Sonny, before he learns it from Ned.

General Hospital
GH/ Nina celebrates her life with Sonny

However, life gave her some breathing room when Ned met with an accident on General Hospital. He lost his memory and completely forgot about Nina and the whole SEC mess. Luck further smiled on Nina when Martin informed her that the SEC is no longer trying to find out who actually gave them the tip. Moreover, thanks to the threat Cyrus poses, Carly and Drew aren’t thinking about the snitch anymore. Thus, Nina has finally started to relax and has busies herself with wedding preparations. Oh! and she is also getting the chance of finally forming a connection with her daughter Willow? But will all this really last?

The Truth Explodes, Will Nina’s World Fall Apart On General Hospital?

If there is one thing we have learnt from Soap Operas, it is that the truth ALWAYS comes out! And it does at the most unexpected time in the most unexpected manner! The same could prove true for Nina on General Hospital. Currently, she and Sonny have hit a little bit of a roadblock in their wedding plans due to Sonny’s arrest. But it’s unlikely that the dimpled don will remain behind bars for too long. Hence, once he is out, the couple might decide that it would be best to get married as soon as possible. After all, life is always so unpredictable in Port Charles!

GH/ How will Sonny react to Nina’s truth?

And history has proven time and again that weddings are the perfect spots for truth bombs and massive revelations! Thus, chances are high that someone might expose Nina’s secret right at the altar! But who will it be? Could Ned miraculously regain his memory right in time for the wedding and spill the tea? Or will it be some one else?

Ava too, knows the secret! Could circumstances force her to turn against her best friend? Stranger things have happened on General Hospital! So this is certainly a possibility. Moreover, we wonder how Sonny and Willow will react to this news? Will they wash their hands off of Nina for good? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on Nina’s fate.

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