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General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus’ Miracle Cure Tempts Finn – Offers Shady Solution to Save Gregory?

General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus’ Miracle Cure Tempts Finn – Offers Shady Solution to Save Gregory?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) and Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) finally took the plunge and made love, but that doesn’t mean things will be smooth sailing from now on.

In fact, November sweeps preview info points to Finn and Elizabeth’s relationship being put to the test soon.

What might cause a rift between Liz and Finn in the coming weeks? Could Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) stir up some trouble for the happy couple and leave them at odds?

GH fans know Cyrus has all kinds of connections – especially when it comes to drugs and risky treatments. Cyrus’ experience running a drug empire could lead to him making an offer that Finn finds difficult to refuse.

Since Finn would do just about anything to save Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) from a grim fate, he might be open to whatever miracle cure Cyrus can provide.

If Cyrus can offer a soapy solution when it comes to Gregory’s terminal condition, then Finn might be willing to strike a dangerous deal with him.

Cyrus could probably use a new employee like Finn, especially since Austin Gatlin-Holt (Roger Howarth) can be rather unruly at times.

It’d be smart for Cyrus to have another doctor in his corner at GH, so he might recruit Finn with the promise of helping Gregory.

Of course, Elizabeth might sound the alarm over a potential deal like that.

It’s easy to imagine Liz insisting that Cyrus can’t be trusted and perhaps warning that whatever drug Cyrus might offer can’t be trusted either.

Finn might find himself torn between his head and his heart – or between the rational doctor he tends to be and the scared son that he’s turning into.

There’s no guarantee Finn would actually reach an agreement with Cyrus, but Cyrus might offer a proposal and a chance to save Gregory – or at least delay the most severe ALS symptoms.

Of course, Gregory could eventually find out and take charge of the situation – either by shutting Cyrus down or trying to make a deal of his own.

Whatever the case, Finn and Liz are on the verge of some relationship drama, so stay tuned for updates on whether Cyrus might be the source of their problems.

General Hospital spoilers say Cyrus will continue to cause bad news all over town!

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