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General Hospital Spoilers: Dex’s Car Ride to the Pine Barrens – Sonny Offers Final Chance for Full Confession

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) will express confusion when he’s shoved in a car with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), who’ll let him know they’re going for a little drive together.

It won’t take Dex long to pick up on Sonny’s tense mood, but he won’t immediately know the reason for it. Sonny’s had a lot of troubles in his life lately, so Dex’s mind won’t immediately go to the worst-case scenario.

Nevertheless, things will shift once Sonny starts dropping hints about how important loyalty is to him.

Dex will slowly realize Sonny thinks he’s the person who betrayed him, especially after the car stops at the Pine Barrens.

GH spoilers say Dex will start to panic since he’ll be at the infamous mob burial site, so he’ll scramble to explain.

Of course, Sonny will demand answers about Dex’s offshore account and the huge payment that just went into it.

Since Sonny will assume that’s connected to the threat on his life in Puerto Rico, he’ll push for the truth about Dex’s other employer.

Dex will understand that he he can’t play dumb or act like Sonny’s wrong about him keeping secrets. All Dex can do here is throw himself at Sonny’s mercy and insist he doesn’t have all the facts.

Dex will assure Sonny that he’s on his side, but he’ll refuse to elaborate on what he’s hiding.

Instead, Dex will plead with Sonny to just trust him and understand this is about protection.

Dex won’t want to reveal anything about Michael Corinthos’ (Chad Duell) payment since that would mean explaining that he originally came on board as a plant with ulterior motives to put Sonny in prison.

Since that news might ensure Dex’s demise anyway, he won’t see the point in revealing that and blowing up Sonny’s family. Dex will decide to just stay silent and sacrifice himself once he’s out of options.

Sonny will offer Dex a final chance at a full confession, but it sounds like Dex will insist he’s prepared to perish if that’s what Sonny wants.

However, Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) will have a shocking realization elsewhere, so could she somehow catch on and give Sonny a phone call to stop him?

Michael or even Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) are other possibilities when it comes to someone intervening on Dex’s behalf, so stick with us for updates on whether Dex’s life will be spared at the last second.

General Hospital spoilers say some exciting GH scenes are on the way, so don’t miss all the drama during the week of February 12-16.

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