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General Hospital Spoilers January 22 – 26

General Hospital spoilers from Monday, January 22, to Friday, January 26. Get ready to say farewell to Spencer and Trina as they jet off to Paris… but not until after, of course, a great party! Meanwhile, Finn’s day in court arrives, Tracy matches wits with Scott, and the walls close in on Esme! Read on for all the details…


General Hospital spoilers week of January 22:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, January 22:

In today’s General Hospital recap, Carly and Drew decide to run Crimson together, and Esme turns to Heather for advice.

Esme visits Heather GH

Ace may be off the canvas, but he’s certainly the topic of conversation when Laura and Dante talk about how the law might be used where the little boy is concerned. Meanwhile, Esme is doing a little consulting of her own… with her crazy mama, Heather!

Two of the sharpest wits in town — Tracy and Scott — do verbal battle. Here’s hoping they don’t draw blood!



Drew’s decision knocks Nina for a loop.

When Brook Lynn and Chase ask his dad for a favor, something tells us it’ll be with regards to their upcoming wedding!

The most amazing thing just happened to Jophielle Love — and not many kids can say that they received a package like she did!

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday January 23:

In today’s General Hospital recap, Curtis finds out if his operation was a success, Jordan tells Anna about her visit with the FBI, and Gregory’s symptoms worsen.

Jordan FBI

Is Tracy playing along with Scott… or simply playing him? It may become clearer today! Meanwhile, Lucy tries assuring Martin that he has nothing to worry about. (But she has been plotting with Scott, which tends to be trouble… )

As his trial date looms, Finn can’t help but become increasingly concerned, given everything that’s on the line.

It’s the big day for Curtis as he awaits the results of his latest examination.

Anna has concerns about her gal pal Jordan.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, January 24:

In today’s General Hospital recap, Heather warns Laura that Esme has her memory back, and Esme attacks and knocks out Kevin.

Heather blabs to Laura GH

It’s time for Trina and Spencer to begin their journey to Paris, so Curtis throws the lovebirds a bon voyage party.

When Laura sits down for a chat with Heather — that’s right, Heather! — will she figure out what’s really going on with Esme? Meanwhile, Kevin takes a crack at reaching the troubled young woman.

Kristina finds out if she’s going to be making sis Molly’s parental dreams come true!

Perhaps deflecting a bit, Spinelli accuses Cody of having feelings for Maxie!

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, January 25:

What Laura, Dante and Chase uncover leaves them with some serious concerns.

Sonny has a few words of advice for Alexis. But will she listen?

Martin thinks he has the kind of evidence that will help him prevail in the courtroom.

Jordan asks Sonny’s associate, Brick, for an assist. Meanwhile, Robert’s determination to see Sonny punished puts him and Diane on opposite sides of the table in more ways than one.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, January 26:

Spencer and Trina’s Parisian adventure begins!

For Finn, everything could come down to what he says upon taking the stand in the courtroom.

Laura can’t help but face regrets she’s dealing with.

Ava and Sonny put their heads together to make plans… and something tells us they’re not deciding where to take their daughter this summer!

Nina’s at her lowest point, and guess who’s there with a proposition? That’s right, her ex, Valentin!

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