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General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Brings Family Back to Port Charles – New Woman and a Child?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Monday, March 4 could become a holiday in Port Charles, New York as that’s the soaptastical day that Jason “Stone Cold” Morgan (Steve Burton) comes home. There’s no parade (he’s supposed to be dead) but there will be plenty of questions.

How did Jason survive the cave-in? Is he the hellion trying to take out the nation’s mob bosses? Has he been brainwashed/gotten amnesia? Here’s how Jason’s epic return might look like.

General Hospital spoilers: Jason Morgan Has a Plus One?

Let’s face it, for years of being away from Port Charles, Jason wasn’t living in a vacuum. He was ambulatory, he met people. And he was fresh off the fact that his marriage to soul mate Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) blew up.

Jason had to mend his bones after the cave-in but he also had to mend his heart. What better way to blow into Port Charles than with a plus-one?

That would frost Carly’s shorts. Especially if in her entitled mind she gets the idea that she manifested Jason back.

GH spoilers: Where Has Jason Been?

The speculation about Jason’s offscreen life has been rife with conjecture about his professional activity, plus, which PC ex he will hook up with. Isn’t that a bit presumptuous?

All of his exes have moved on, why wouldn’t Jason have found someone to love? Carly has Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison), Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) has Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton), and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) has Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna).

Jason deserves to be paired with some fresh blood!

General Hospital spoilers: Is Jason the Shooter?

Assuming that Jason isn’t traveling solo these days, his hookup could be someone familiar to PC or not. We prefer not. Nonetheless, a romantic entanglement opens the door to sizzling storylines.

Like the Dex question. It appears that Dex will come back to the nest, and if Jason can’t devote himself fulltime to the coffee import business, that is an opening for Dex.

Some fans have wondered if Dex is Jason’s son. Dex grew up in an abusive household, maybe he was adopted?

GH Spoilers: Is Dex Jason’s son?

Jason could have spawned while he was gone. That would certainly complicate his return to PC: Jason brings a plus-one AND a baby (in a mini leather jacket)?

However this fantastic back from the dead plot turns out, there is room in Jason’s life for a fresh set of people.

Is Jason coming home with a family? Tell us what you think Jason’s homecoming looks like, GH fans!

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