General Hospital Spoilers: Marty’s Ex-Wife Could Be Headed To Town — Who Is She?

General Hospital Spoilers tease fans were delighted to see Jackson ‘Jack’ Montgomery (Walt Willey) back on screen — and back in Pine Valley.

But a brief encounter with Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) and Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) only served to whet our appetites.

Fortunately, Jackson isn’t done with them yet. He’s headed to Port Charles soon, and rumor has it he’s likely to meet with Martin ‘Marty’ Grey (Michael E. Knight) while he’s there.

Will he inadvertently bump into Lucy in the process — forcing her to come clean with Marty and hoping he can do the same in return? Is Jackson traveling solo, or might he be bringing Marty’s ex around to roost?

General Hospital Spoilers — Walt Willey Is Coming To Port Charles
All My Children fans are delighted by the news that we haven’t seen the last of Walt Willey. Jack will make his way to Port Charles this time around, and it’s likely that he’ll be cavorting with Lucy in some manner.

General Hospital: Martin Grey (Michael E Knight)

Will Felicia be able to stay the heck out of dodge long enough for Lucy to cover for her? Will Jack reveal all to Marty, or will Lucy just buckle under pressure and decide to tell him everything herself?

GH Spoilers – Say His Client Could Be With Him
It’s possible that Jack could venture into Lucy’s hometown with someone else on his arm for dinner this time around. Is Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) coming to Port Chuck?

We’re all dying to know! But if it’s not Erica, who else could it possibly be? Will we see some One Life to Live alums gracing the screen next in pursuit of blending the trifecta of ABC soaps into one happy home? Please let it be so!

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General Hospital Spoilers — Is It Erica Kane?
Of course, there are no guarantees that the person Jack is representing and relaying fat checks to Marty for is Erica.

Some fans have argued that it wouldn’t make much sense with the way Marty has painted his ex that it would be Erica.

After all, the woman wasn’t that ruthless or difficult to deal with. However, Marty may have a different opinion of her if she broke his heart; Erica did have a knack for that, as Jack should know.

Speaking of Jack, is he still involved with Erica these days? Have they found their way back and forth and in and out of love all of these years, or has he long since moved on from the last on-screen break-up we witnessed?

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