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General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Easton’s GH Future Revealed – Finn’s Lost Medical Career Changes Everything?

General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Easton’s GH Future Revealed – Finn’s Lost Medical Career Changes Everything?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that the show could be gearing up for more cast cuts. GH fans know Roger Howarth (ex-Austin Gatlin-Holt) was dropped from the show after they decided not to renew his contract, so Austin faced a grisly end as a result.

Cameron Mathison (Drew Cain) also signed a new deal with Great American Media to do multiple projects for them over the course of several years. Although sources told SOD that Mathison’s GH status wouldn’t be affected, it seems too early to predict that with certainty.

Mathison just made a major commitment to another network entirely, so it’s tough to imagine that won’t affect his role in Port Charles at all.

At the very least, Drew could land on the backburner while other characters handle bigger stories and get more airtime.

Now Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) has become another character to keep an eye on.

Finn is facing a serious malpractice lawsuit, so we need to consider what might happen if Finn doesn’t pull off a win.

Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) was already concerned about the lawsuit, but her fears grew even stronger when she found out Finn’s top-notch lawyer fell through.

Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) is the best in the biz, so it was a difficult blow when Finn found out she couldn’t represent him.

However, the worst part is Finn’s attorney will actually have to go up against Diane in court!

Diane is representing the family of the patient who lost his life, so that news sent Alexis into panic mode.

Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight) will take the lead on Finn’s case instead, but will he really be a worthy adversary for Diane in this case?

Diane is brimming with confidence and plays to win when she steps in that courtroom, so Finn has good reasons to be terrified.

Martin didn’t exactly seem convinced that he could defeat Diane, especially once he got updates on the case details and grew worried Finn might seem arrogant in court.

If Finn emerges victorious, what was the point of this storyline?

There’s the potential for much more drama if Finn loses his medical career instead and has to head down a different path.

Finn might have to find another job after his whole world comes crashing down.

It’s even possible Finn will get hooked on drugs again since he could be distraught and battle temptation.

Naturally, we also have to consider the possibility that this is Michael Easton’s exit ramp.

After what happened with Roger Howarth, could Easton become another actor on the chopping block?

It’s too early to know anything for sure, but General Hospital spoilers say the outcome of this lawsuit will bring life-changing news no matter what!

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