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General Hospital Spoilers: Ned and Olivia Clash Over Nina Secret – Leo Discovery and Lois Dilemma

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Upcoming episodes of General Hospital (GH) hint at escalating tensions surrounding Nina’s hidden involvement in a significant event. As Ned regains his memory of Nina’s role in Carly and Drew’s SEC issue, conflicting perspectives arise between Ned and Olivia regarding the right time to disclose this sensitive information.

Ned’s Recall and Conflicting Opinions

Nina will soon discover she has additional cause for concern. Ned finally remembers that Nina was the one who gave Carly and Drew over to the SEC now that he is back to his former self. Ned only wants to delay what is inevitable, but Olivia does not think it is a good idea to make people angry by disclosing this information.

Ned conceded that he would not wait indefinitely to clear his name, even though he would not reveal Nina as the whistleblower. This implies that Ned and Olivia might argue occasionally during their journey.

Olivia and Ned might disagree about when it is appropriate to come clean, so there will likely be arguments that are easily overheard. Leo could easily tell Brook or even Sonny directly, so it could be interesting if he overhears something.

Strained Relationships and Potential Fallout:

When Leo finds out that Nina was the reason Drew was sent to prison, he may start to question things. At some point, perhaps Leo could even bring up something to Wiley during a playdate. Imagine if Nina’s grandson happened to accidentally tell on her.

Willow could be the one to question Wiley about the SEC and the reason behind Nina and Drew’s turn-in of Grandma Carly! Of course, if someone is determined to obtain Ned’s damning information, they have other ways to listen in.

Would Lois lie to Sonny in an attempt to preserve his happiness, as Olivia and even Michael are doing? Lois seems like the kind of person who might be willing to tell Sonny the truth rather than give in to his clinging.

Whatever the case, Ned’s knowledge of Nina’s actions will eventually come to light. Keep an eye out for updates on who might learn this startling information—Nina’s involvement in sending the SEC after Drew and Carly could have been overheard by someone.

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