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General Hospital Spoilers October 23 – November 3

sam carly gh has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, October 23, to Friday, November 3. While a few people deal with unsuspecting confrontations, others share their opinions — plus, one woman makes a costly mistake, Cyrus comes face to face with Portia and Trina, and Sam pays Carly a visit.



General Hospital spoilers week of October 23:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, October 23:

It takes a lot to surprise Brook Lynn, but something — or someone — is about to catch her off guard.

Cody voices his gratitude.

Tracy is about to make sure it’s known that she’s the one who is in charge.

Portia and Cyrus come face-to-face.

Selina has usually attempted to show Sonny respect, or at least she’s done a darn good job of pretending. So what’s got the Teflon Don confronting her today?

Gallery! Your first look at Lifetime’s Christmas 2023 lineup — plus, an LMN thriller that gives Silent Night a horrifying new meaning!

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday October 24:

How much of Scott and Laura’s long, complicated history will come up when they have a confrontation today?

Cyrus issues a threat… but is it on his own behalf, or someone else’s?

Lucy is going to track down Tracy for a meeting of the minds.

As Nina lashes out at someone, Michael finds himself having to make the kind of decision which could impact several lives.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, October 25:

If you’ve been missing Obrecht as much as us, you’ll be happy to hear that she and Willow have a chance to catch up.

Speaking of folks catching up, Dante has a chat with his longtime pal Cody.

As Carly is hit with news that will definitely leave her unsettled, Nina’s world is rocked in a way she didn’t — but probably should have — seen coming.

Maxie is a woman with strong opinions, and today, she’s sharing one that’s business-related.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, October 26:

Something pushes all of Curtis’ buttons, leaving him downright livid. And he’s not the only one feeling all the feels today, as Josslyn is downright outraged about something!

Sonny and Dante may be on opposite sides of the law, but they still find ways to hold meetings of the mind, as they do today.

Felicia makes the kind of mistake that will prove costly.

When Cody is given food for thought, will he be able to fully digest it?

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, October 27:

Elizabeth is about to learn a new skill that might come in handy down the line!

Something tells us Nikolas will be a topic of discussion when his mom, Laura, and aunt, Alexis, have a chance to reconnect.

TJ is disappointed.

Trina comes face-to-face with Cyrus.

Austin loses his cool.

General Hospital spoilers week of October 30:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, October 30:

Apparently having not heard that alcohol only makes a depression worse, Austin hits the bottle — hard — in an attempt to drown his sorrows. Sonny has a warm reunion.

We expect Nikolas’ ears will be ringing when Laura and Ava sit down to compare notes.

Things seem to be going better for Liz and Finn this time around as they continue to get closer.

Remember when Olivia wanted Eddie gone, gone, gone? Well, the way she defends the guy makes us think maybe she’s changing her mind about that..

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday October 31:

Anna tires of sitting in wait and opts to make a move.

Given the long history she shares with Sonny, it’s not all that unusual that Laura turns to him for help.

Cyrus goes knock, knock, knocking on the door of someone who would just as soon he not.

Here’s hoping Trina’s nightmare doesn’t become a reality.

Valentin and his troubled daughter strike a deal.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, November 1:

Better late than never, Halloween in Port Charles finally gets underway. (Break out your leftover candy and chow down with us while watching!)

Is the offer Ava receives more trick or treat?

There’s no love lost between Robert and Scott, as proven when they go head to head.

Someone is about to feel Carly’s wrath as she issues a warning.

Lois is there to provide her ex, Eddie, with a boost when he needs it.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, November 2:

Felicia makes a special delivery to Anna.

Spencer and Trina haven’t necessarily seen eye to eye on everything of late, but she does commend him on something.

When Charlotte takes on a mission, will she meet her objective?

As Michael frets, Sonny offers his son some reassurance.

Maxie is about to deliver some really big news.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, November 3:

Willow has a heartfelt conversation with her husband, Michael.

Laura and Kevin carve out time to catch one another up.

Alexis can tell that things have definitely changed between sisters Kristina and Molly.

Sam swings by to see how Carly is doing.

Does valentin have

Willow opens up to Michael.

Laura and Kevin debrief.

Alexis senses a shift between Kristina and Molly.

Sam checks on Carly.

Is Valentin right to hear alarm bells ringing in his head?

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