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General Hospital Spoilers: Olivia’s Real Killer REVEALED!

General Hospital spoilers indicate that the ABC soap’s annual body dropping fest has begun! Just last year we saw a slew of fallings that took out the likes of Victor Cassadine and Ryan Chamberlain. Now, we are already down two people – Esme Prince and Olivia Jerome. While, Esme’s passing was her own doing, Olivia was murdered. And we night know who did it!

General Hospital Spoilers: Our Two Stones Worth

So, we know Olivia Jerome was taken down by two masked assailants who intercepted her transport van. General Hospital spoilers confirm that the attackers only claimed Olivia’s life and spared the guards. Clearly indicating that they weren’t some hardened criminals.

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General Hospital spoilers- Olivia
GH/ Who killed Olivia?

Instead, the crime perhaps stemmed from a personal vengeance. Now, club this to the string of hints General Hospital spoilers have been dropping thus far. All the investigation into the mystery shooter have pointed to a Person of Interest named “Stone”.

Of course, any GH buffs first reaction would be to think- “Oh! that’s stone cold.” After all, we do know Steve Burton is returning as Jason Morgan. But why would the makers make it so obvious? We have a feeling that there is more to the story that meets the eye.

General Hospital Spoilers -Jason
GH/ Steve Burton returns as Jason Morgan

General Hospital spoilers recall that there is another character who had the name ” stone” sandwiched between their first name and last – Morgan STONE Corinthos! Yes, we know he is dead. But is he really? We mean, there was no body. And we all know, that’s the perfect way to leave the door open for a character’s return.

Besides, Morgan has the perfect reason to want Olivia dead. She was the one who planted the bomb that supposedly claimed his life! So, if he did survive the blast- it is understandable that the first thing he does on his return is – take out Olivia!

General Hospital Spoilers - Morgan
GH/ Could Morgan be alive?

But, if Olivia’s killer and Sonny’s attacker is the same person, a burning question is – Why would Morgan want to kill his own father? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to News Boonovelfor more General Hospital spoilers and updates.

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