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General Hospital Spoilers: Spencer’s Amnesia Affects Return Story – Can’t Remember Loving Trina?

General Hospital Spoilers: Spencer’s Amnesia Affects Return Story – Can’t Remember Loving Trina?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that the show could easily borrow a story twist from the last time Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) was presumed deceased. GH fans will recall that Sonny’s loved ones were busy mourning the loss in Port Charles while Sonny was off living a new life as a simple bartender named “Mike” in Nixon Falls.

What if Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) is the next character to get a story arc like that?

We all know how much the show loves to work the amnesia angle, so it’s possible Spencer’s memory loss is a factor in why he isn’t returning home.

Spencer can’t go back to Port Charles if he doesn’t know that’s where he’s from or that he has people waiting for him there.

Perhaps Spencer no longer remembers falling in love with Trina – and he doesn’t even have that turtledove reminder anymore since viewers saw it washing up to shore without him.

Spencer survived that tumble into the Seine, but that doesn’t mean he emerged from the water exactly the same man.

It’d be interesting to see a new version of Spencer for a while – one without all the power and privilege that’s affected his world over the course of his life.

Maybe Spencer could even have a new girlfriend to complicate things by the time he comes back into the picture.

Spencer might be found somewhere going by another name and living another life like “Mike” was.

It’s even possible Spencer’s memories have been wiped or altered by someone nefarious.

It wouldn’t be the first time some memory manipulation has happened on the ABC soap!

Regardless, an amnesia storyline could make Spencer and Trina’s inevitable reunion even more epic in the end.

It wouldn’t be a bad thing for the pairing at all since Trina would no doubt make Spencer fall in love with her all over again.

Plus, Spencer could face a memory flood eventually and deepen his relationship with Trina even further.

In other words, amnesia would be a great temporary hurdle to explain Spencer’s absence and set the stage for some exciting content when Nicholas Alexander Chavez returns from his leave of absence.

General Hospital spoilers say Trina will get updates on Spencer’s survival news sooner or later, so stay tuned for all the chaos that’ll bring.

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