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General Hospital Spoilers: Vengeful Widow Targets Liz – Wants Finn to Suffer Loss?

General Hospital Spoilers: Vengeful Widow Targets Liz – Wants Finn to Suffer Loss?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Hamilton Finn’s (Michael Easton) latest storyline could come with a major twist. Right now, Finn’s biggest concern is whether the malpractice lawsuit he’s facing will destroy his career as well as GH.

However, there could be a far bigger concern brewing if the lawsuit fails. This story could be headed in a sinister direction, so let’s consider where things might go from here.

Based on Finn’s story about his patient and how the case played out, he truly doesn’t seem to be at fault.

Of course, that doesn’t matter since the deceased man’s wife is looking for someone to blame.

It’s possible this is truly about money, but what if it’s actually more about revenge?

GH fans haven’t met this widow yet, but she might enter the picture somewhere down the line and lead to some shocking news.

That’s especially true if Finn manages to beat the lawsuit. From this grieving wife’s perspective, it may seem like Finn’s getting off scot-free.

Meanwhile, this lady is stuck mourning her husband and feels like he could’ve been saved if Finn had caught the cancer warning signs sooner.

Since this woman lost the man she loves, she might decide to make sure Finn feels a similar loss.

If she does her research, perhaps she could find out Finn is romantically involved with Liz and target her as a result.

Elizabeth intends to support Finn during this lawsuit and help him fight to clear his name, so that could give this vengeful widow another reason to go after her.

Do you think Liz will land in grave danger once the lawsuit drama spirals out of control? Could Liz get injured and face a life-threatening crisis down the road?

A simple malpractice lawsuit honestly doesn’t seem dramatic enough for a soap opera, so we’d like to believe all this is going somewhere with more twists and turns eventually.

General Hospital spoilers say Finn could panic if Liz gets caught in a dangerous situation because of his former patient’s deranged wife, so stay tuned for updates on all the mayhem.

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