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General Hospital’s Brennan Has Breathed New Life Into the Pikeman Plot — Plus, Is Tracy’s Return Going to *Finally* Address Bobbie’s Death?

Will Tracy's return address Bobbie's death?

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It was a fairly slow week on General Hospital as many of the episodes and scenes felt sluggish, involved a heavy dose of recapping, and just plain felt like filler. There were a few good surprises sprinkled in, so let’s just get to discussing what went down in Port Charles.



An Engagement, a Homecoming, and a Goodbye?

The holidays are approaching on General Hospital, which means celebrations, happy moments, and often a tragedy.

On a happy note, Chase and Brook Lynn got engaged and shared the news with Gregory, Finn, Liz and Violet first. Violet was as adorable as ever wanting to find a not-so-perfect Christmas tree to give it a good home in the spirit of Charlie Brown, and she certainly found the wonkiest (and clearly fake) tree ever.



Olivia and Lois, with Cody’s help, decorated the mansion while taking trips down memory lane with a lot of pointless gabbing. Though I do love the chemistry between Olivia and Lois, and they really sell their lifelong friendship well on screen. Meanwhile, Tracy was on a plane home at the same time, crying over her wedding photo with Luke and missing him. And naturally, when she saw the banister done up Olivia and Lois style, she had a meltdown. Scrooge and the Grinch, move over, Tracy’s in town!

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The show left us hanging as to why Tracy is home, and what had her so clearly emotional on the plane, aside from missing Luke. Ever since she left to help Bobbie with Luke’s affairs, it felt as if the show was finally going to address Bobbie’s death. Could that be what had her looking like she was in mourning all over again? Then again, Carly mentioned Luke’s affairs are so complicated that Bobbie would be in Amsterdam much longer than she thought. While the holidays would be a sad time to address Bobbie’s death, it would also make no sense that she wouldn’t come home at least for the holidays. And let’s face it, General Hospital is no stranger to offing characters at Christmas time. But honestly, it’s been months since Jacklyn Zeman’s death and prolonging this story isn’t going to make ripping off this band-aid hurt any less.

That WSB and Pikeman Twist

Last week we learned Brennan, who I called easy in the eyes in my column, was running operations for Pikeman. Well, we got another whammy this week, he’s the new director of the WSB! It makes sense given Anna figured out Pikeman and the WSB were connected a while back. However, it seems dangerous for him to be walking around Port Charles with both Anna and Robert in town. He clearly made himself scarce when Robert showed up at Kelly’s while he was there, and it’s obvious he’s also mentioned in the report on Forsythe that Anna had and is looking for. Brennan called the report a ticking time bomb, which means it could likely take him down too. And even though we all guessed it, his interest in Carly indicates she is how he’s going to force Sonny’s hand to keep letting him ship weapons through Port Charles.

Brennan is WSB

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Anna was on my nerves this week in deciding she needed to go the rest of this investigation into Forsythe and whoever he was working with all on her own. It seems whenever she gets in that mindset, she makes things worse for herself. And Dante was no better, keeping the key to the locker from her which may contain that report. Yeah, he’s trying to protect the evidence from being seized by the WSB, but this really is just about dragging the story out because they can’t take out Brennan a week after he appeared and dropped all these revelations about him. Well actually they could, and bring an end to this entire Pikeman storyline that has been all over the place since the beginning. But I will say having Brennan on, and the twists this week, has me a lot more interested in it than I was.

This Week’s Other Stories…

While Anna annoyed me on the one hand in wanting to go things alone, I was cheering her on when she ripped Valentin a new one for doing Charlotte no favors in continuing to put all the blame for her actions on Victor. I felt for her as she teared up and hoped Valentin would make Charlotte see that Victor lied to her about everything. I’m still upset that the show chose to tank ‘Vanna’ over this teenager stalker storyline, which never made sense to me to begin with given how Charlotte did a complete 180 in her feelings about Anna just because of Victor.

Valentin and Anna argue GH

Well, Cyrus finally learned that Austin was dead, but didn’t seem to care all that much. Not exactly Christian-like behavior. Laura wanting to believe Cyrus has changed one minute, then vowing to lock him up for life if he killed Austin the next, was like watching a game of ping pong but with one player. The show needs to address whether Cyrus has changed or not. Also, after ranting to Laura that his mother wants nothing to do with him and treats him like dirt, he tells her that he’ll be out of town next week visiting her and he doesn’t want Laura to think he’s fallen back into his old ways. Suspicious much?

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So Blaze finally came out to Kristina and explained it’s her very Catholic Puerto Rican family that is keeping her from coming out publically. While sad, it’s a much more realistic explanation than not wanting to lose her fan base. As they both noted, it’s 2023 and the younger generation is much more open and accepting. This also gives these two a bit more of an issue to deal with, as they can’t be seen together out in public. I’d much rather be watching Kristina and Blaze’s romance play out than the surrogate storyline we’re getting with Kristina, Molly and TJ. Also, Blaze mentioned a long-lost uncle, who she suspected had been shunned by the family for being gay. Will we be meeting this person soon?

Blaze and Kristina kiss GH

As with the surrogacy storyline, Adam’s speed addiction and obsession with his grades is another storyline that feels like it was never needed to begin with. And I find myself more annoyed by Adam than feeling sorry for him, the latter of which should be the case.

So it looks like Curtis could get a Christmas or New Year’s miracle and walk again? I mean, we knew they weren’t going to keep him in that wheelchair forever. Not on a soap! Meanwhile, I found the visit of Irene’s ghost to the blubbering Marshall yet another piece of fluff and filled in a long list of them this week.

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What was up with those Scott and Lucy scenes at the cafe? Scott seems ready to move on from Obrecht and get back with Lucy. Come on writers, we want Obrecht and Scott back together and in time for Christmas! Don’t give us a redo of Scott and Lucy blowing up their romances for another affair.

That’s all I’ve got in me as far as my opinions this week. As always, leave yours in the comments below!

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