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General Hospital’s Next Supercouple Pairing Is Right Under Our Noses

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Lightning is notoriously difficult to catch, much less in a bottle. But boy, when it happens, it’s nothing short of electric. So we have to give credit where it’s due to General Hospital for the feat that it’s pulled off. (Heaven knows we take the show, and all the shows, to task when we don’t like something!) The ABC soap has made Cody and Sasha the root-for couple.



That’s One Dynamic Duo

If you had told us when Cody made his splashy entrance and immediately started irritating viewers and the residents of Port Charles alike that we’d one day be hoping that he sweeps Sasha off her feet, we’d have told you that you were crazy. But now… now we’d have to say instead that you were prescient, because not only are we hoping that he gets the girl, we’re shipping the couple big time.

GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode “15349” - "General Hospital" airs Monday - Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (Disney/Christine Bartolucci) JOSH KELLY, SOFIA MATTSSON



General Hospital did everything right with the twosome. After all that Sasha had been through, losing her husband and baby, the writers started her and Cody out at a snail’s pace with a sweet friendship that allowed the audience to see him a new, less obnoxious light. Then, when Gladys took a wrecking ball to her daughter-in-law’s fragile existence, the powers that be had Cody ride to the rescue.

The one-two punch was a thing of absolute beauty!

What’s Next?

Obviously, having been traumatized for the better part of two years, Sasha is in no emotional shape to jump into anything. And that’s fine with Cody. He’s not looking for guarantees, only a chance. And it’s such lovely writing… those are such tender performances by Josh Kelly and Sofia Mattsson… How could you not cheer on Cody and Sasha and wait with bated breath for their first kiss?

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