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Laura and Kevin Decide to Adopt Ace — and Sonny Takes Dex For a Little Ride

Laura and Kevin adopt Ace GH

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Drew and Carly ride the elevator up and arrive at Crimson which is littered with paint drapes, buckets, and ladders. Nina shows up, and Drew asks what happened. Nina explains there was a broken pipe and it flooded the offices on this floor, and the internet is also down. She says everything should be up and running in three days.



Crimson is a mess GH

Carly says that’s when her first issue is due, and says Nina’s hands are written over this, and she can’t believe she would jeopardize her former employees’ jobs. Nina says there are backups of all the articles and layouts, which Carly knows, but it still means a day’s work lost. Carly tells Nina she’ll hear from her lawyer and storms out. Drew warns Nina if she keeps playing with fire then she’ll get burned.

Drew warns Nina GH

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Tracy finds Gregory jotting something down at The Metro Court. She joins him and learns he is moving in with Finn. Suddenly Lucy appears and throws crumbs at Tracy and says that’s all the dough she’ll get out of her. Gregory asks what is wrong with Lucy, and she says Tracy destroyed her life. Tracy says she helped Lucy out by confessing to Martin about her little scheme, but Lucy says it came too late.

Tracy laughs when she realizes she slept with Scott. Tracy says she’s not responsible for her rebound choices, but she will be for her dry-cleaning bill. Gregory suggests Tracy take the high road, and Tracy offers to help her and Martin mend fences. Lucy says he’s not taking her calls. Gregory spoke to Martin earlier and he was headed to Laura’s, so she takes off.

Tracy and Gregory GH

Tracy and Gregory talk about Scott, and Tracy tells him about Lucy and Scott’s plan. She admits she once got close to Scott, which she blames on the nineties, but she learned her lesson. However, she says Lucy never will. Gregory gets a text from Finn that the move is on for this evening. Tracy asks what brought this on, and Gregory admits he’s starting to have increasing symptoms, and feeling irresponsible, so he needs help to make it to the big wedding. Tracy senses he has reservations about this move. He admits he hates depending on anyone, let alone his family, and giving up his agency. He knows he will eventually lose control over his own body, and this move feels like the first part of his final chapter. Tracy says moving in with family doesn’t have to hold you back. She says she comes and goes a lot, but always ends up back at Monica’s. She says as much as they all infuriate her, it feels like home.

Gregory has reservations GH

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Nearby, Diane and Robert have coffee and breakfast, and Diane says she has two tickets to the ballet and asks if he’s interested. He says it’s not his scene and suggests Alexis. She asked her already but is booked. She admits she asked her when Gregory was there, and he’s still ticked at her over Finn’s case. He asks if she thought Finn was guilty. Diane says unfortunately it was her job to prove it, not to believe it. She asks if he’s ever prosecuted someone he thought was innocent, and he admits he has.

Diane and RObert chat GH

Back in the Crimson offices, Drew warns Nina that she chose to escalate this so she’ll have to deal with the fallout. Nina says she’s lost everything as is, and she’s through being the pariah of the town for turning him and Carly in for committing a crime, and the indignity and injustice that has come with it. She won’t take this lying down anymore. Drew says she didn’t go to prison and doesn’t know the meaning of indignity and injustice, but she will. He departs.

Nina is done GH

Nina asks the foreman how long it will take to put everything back together. He says a day or two, so she bribes him to take his time.

Carly arrives at the restaurant and tells Diane that she needs her help, as Nina is trying to sabotage Crimson. Drew joins them, and Robert decides to leave them to talk. Drew feels they need to shut Nina down, but Carly says they need to think about the magazine not retaliating against Nina. Drew tells her that he needs to take a break. He walks off, and Diane feels Carly is not just frustrated with Nina but also with Drew. Carly can’t blame Drew for wanting revenge, but she wants Nina out of her life and every time Drew goes after Nina it just pulls her back into that parasite’s orbit.

Carly is irate GH

Elsewhere, Drew makes a call and says it’s time to draw a line in the sand with anyone at Aurora who has ties with Nina, as they need to be cut.

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At Laura’s, Kevin and Laura tend to Ace who finally slept through the night. There is a knock at the door and it’s Martin, who has adoption paperwork concerning Ace. Laura says she and Kevin are only watching Ace as temporary guardians until Nikolas gets out, but Martin says that won’t be for some time.

Kevin Laura and Ace GH

Martin explains he’s talked to Nikolas and the best way to secure Ace’s place here is for Laura to become his permanent custodian. They sit down, and Laura didn’t think about this. Martin says Nikolas gave him permission to start the paperwork, and now she has it when she makes her decision. Martin has a flight to catch and will be out of town for a while, but says he’s a phone call away.

Martin advice GH

Alone, Kevin asks Laura what her thoughts are. She says Martin made a lot of sense, but this isn’t just her decision to make. Kevin is on board if she wants to adopt him, but Laura wants them to adopt him together. Laura puts Ace down for a nap so they can talk about this. However, before they can, Lucy arrives looking for Martin. Kevin says he just left, and she asks if they know where he went. They relay what they know, and that he’ll be gone for a while. Lucy fumes at what Tracy did to her, but a look from Kevin makes her admit she did it to herself and she doesn’t know why she sabotages her happiness. She thinks maybe she doesn’t deserve happiness. Laura says everyone does, and Martin is headed to the airport so perhaps she can catch him. Lucy rushes out, and they get back to their discussion.

Frantic lucy GH

Laura knows Kevin didn’t sign up for a baby at their age. Kevin agrees and says she’s been a parent, but this would be a new experience for him. Laura says this is a huge responsibility, and he needs to say if he’s hesitant. Laura later brings Ace out as he wakes up, and Kevin has come to a decision. He knows adopting a child at this stage of their lives is complicated, but it feels right and just like something they’d do. She agrees, and Kevin says he’s all in. Laura tells Ace, “Welcome home baby!”

Laura and Kevin discuss Ace GH

Lucy arrives at the airport and is not allowed through the gates without a ticket. She ends up buying a ticket on the plane to follow him. Martin gets on the plane, but the gate is closed, and Lucy realizes she’s too late and Martin is gone.

Marty airport GH

Trina arrives at the gallery, where Frank and Dex are standing guard over Ava. Trina is looking for a distraction, and Ava says she’s welcome back any time. Frank calls Sonny and lets him know he’s watching Dex.

Trina needs work GH

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Trina gets to work, but a painting freaks her out and she drops it. She breaks the frame, and Ava tells her it can be repaired, and this is why they have insurance. Ava says it will be okay, but Trina says it won’t. She doesn’t know how to go on, how to live with the pit in her stomach. She wishes she died instead of Spencer. Ava tells her not to say that. She knows this pain as she didn’t want to live after Kiki died. However she had a reason to go on for Avery, and Trina needs to go on for her mom and Curtis.

Trinas grief GH

Ava assures Trina that her family will get her through this, and she’ll be forever grateful that Spencer saved her. She cries she and Avery are everything to her. Trina asks if the grief and sadness will ever go away. Ava says it doesn’t, but it dulls in time. She says they’ll all get her through it. Dex brings them some tea, and then Frank tells Dex there has been a change of plan and they have to go.

Ava's advice GH

In Sonny’s office, Brick tells Sonny about Dex’s offshore account. He says Dex received two big payments, one last March right before the Metro Court shooting, and one last week, right after he and Ava were shot at. Sonny doesn’t understand why Dex would do this to him, or Joss. Brick says perhaps he’s trying to get out of this life to have a safer one with Joss. Brick says it’s just a theory, but Sonny says he has a lot of evidence. Brick asks what they do about this.

Sonny and Brick talk GH

At the Gatehouse, Willow wakes up on the couch to find Michael has taken care of the kids and made coffee. She asks where he slept, and he says in the chair, where he would sleep when she was sick. She says it was nice having him here, and he liked it too.

Willow wakes up GH

They are interrupted when Joss comes over. She found Amelia’s toy in the car, and Willow thanks her. Willow leaves to get ready for work, and Joss asks what is going on here? Are things back to normal? Michael says they are making progress, and she says  Nina isn’t worth them fighting. She can’t wait until Sonny divorces her.

Joss Michael talk Dex Sonny GH

Michael says he saw Sonny and things are better between them. Joss is happy because friction between him and Sonny makes things more dangerous for Dex. Michael tells Joss things have escalated recently with the shooting on the island, and it appears Sonny’s been sold out from within his organization. She realizes that means Dex could be in danger.

Michael updates Joss GH

Willow returns, and Joss heads out. Michael admits Joss asked about them. Willow says they still have things to work out, but she’d like him to come home for good. Michael says that would mean the world to him, and they kiss. Willow says she does have to get to work, but she’ll see him later.

Willow invites Michael home GH

Joss shows up at the gallery and meets with Trina. Trina admits she may have come to work too soon. Joss smells the tea, and learns Dex was here but left in a hurry.

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Frank puts Dex in a car with Sonny. Dex asks what is going on? Sonny says they’re going for a little ride.

Sonny and Dex take a ride GH

On the next General Hospital: Gregory tells Finn they can’t put it off any longer. Ava tells someone that it’s not safe for Avery to stay over. Liz is shocked and tells Laura this is the first she’s hearing of this. Molly asks Kristina if that is why she’s not pursuing things with Blaze. Carly says that’s something Sonny will not tolerate. Brick says it will all be over soon. Dex realizes Sonny thinks he is the one who betrayed him.

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