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Maurice Benard Previews a Very Special State Of Mind Christmas Eve

maurice benard from general hospital talking state of mind.Maurice Benard has something very special in the works.

As Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital, Maurice Benard doles out advice to his family and friends on occasion. Now, the actor is chatting with Soap Hub about his plans for a very special episode of State Of Mind, the YouTube series in which he brings to light the importance of mental health.

Maurice Benard: Christmas Is for Kids

Benard tells us that he’s planning on a Christmas Eve episode of State Of Mind, his YouTube talk show in which he discusses mental health and other topics. His proposed list of guests likely all still believe in the magic of Santa Claus. “I’m thinking of having Scarlett Spears, who plays my daughter, Donna, and also [Ava and Grace Scarola], the girls who play [my daughter] Avery,” Benard says.

Others on Benard’s proposed list of guests are granddaughter TT, his son Joshua, who plays Adam, a stressed-out Port Charles University student on GH, and Joshua’s girlfriend. “I’m going to interview them — maybe all at once — or privately, like I do on State Of Mind, and then, I’ll put it all together,” Benard says. “I’m going to be interviewing Joshua about his role on GH and whatever else he has going on.”

Many on Benard’s wish list are youngsters because he believes that they are the most candid guests. “Jojo [Jophielle Love, Violet] was great — not only was she honest, but she’s so smart,” the actor says. “Sometimes when you get younger kids, you’ve got to dig because they don’t talk, but Jojo just answered everything and was so funny. I don’t know how this is going to go, but I think it’ll be a fun Christmas State Of Mind.” (refresh your memory on Love’s episode of SOM here).

Benard is already planning some programs for 2024. He’s got lined up Matt Cohen (ex-Griffin) and Walt Willey (Jackson). “Walt’s funny as hell,” the actor says. Does he have a dream list of guests for State Of Mind? Yes — two, in fact. One is a very familiar name to soap fans, and the other is a big star in the entertainment world. “I’d love to talk to Demi Lovato [because] she’s talked about mental illness,” Benard says. “And I’d love Susan Lucci [ex-Erica, All My Children], too!”

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