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Maurice Benard Talks With Majid Raees About Changing The Mind

majid raees and maurice benard on state of mind.Majid Raees joined Maurice Benard on State Of Mind.

While viewers of Maurice Benard’s video podcast series State Of Mind are well aware of the Daytime Emmy winner’s issues with flying, the actor revealed he recently went on eight planes with no problem — and that was because of his latest guest on the program, Majid Raees. The two sat down for a fascinating talk about hypnotherapy and so much more in this second appearance of Raees on SOM.

Majid Raees And Maurice Benard Go Way Back

Their friendship has spanned many years, but the impact renowned trainer, teacher, boxing world champion, and martial artist Raees has had on the actor and his quality of life has been incredible. Benard details it in this week’s installment of State Of Mind, sharing how recently he felt rage while working at General Hospital, but his good friend helped him through it. It wasn’t just by talking, though.

“As far as anxiety @majidraees @mrhypnotherapy changed my life. Eight planes, no anxiety,” the GH star wrote in his official Instagram post that was promoting this week’s episode. Raees is a big believer in using hypnotherapy to change your point of view — which is the tagline he uses on his official Instagram account.

He talks about how, in the past, people used to turn to the elders, people who had been through so much, for guidance. “These days, we don’t have those teachers who can guide us. That’s why we go to hypnosis.” He steers the audience away from thinking it can make you do something you don’t want to do like you see in movies. Instead, it’s something that can help us reach new heights.

“We all have this incredible wisdom within ourselves,” Raees instructs. “What I try to bring the people to the best potential. Everyone has a potential. Like, not only one man can be on the top of the world. We all have the same chemical, but we just have to trigger the word. Once we trigger that word into your brain, you unlock all of your channels, and you can exceed any horizon you want. You find your best potential way, what you’re capable of doing to yourself. Most people don’t want to reach there because they don’t know what’s on the other side of it. They’re scared, so all their lives, they play safe.”

There are two men who have obviously done anything but — and each has achieved incredible success in their chosen fields. They spoke about the power of words that used to be uttered by our elders and by world leaders. Now, though, social media has had a strong impact — hypnotizing kids today. They discuss the good and the bad of having access to that, and how our actions can affect our kids.

It’s a fascinating conversation that touches on so much, including dealing with abandonment issues, how our greatest fear is what we attract, and helping people brings joy to one’s life. They discuss his being from Pakistan, going to boarding school, losing his father in his early 20s, and the profound impact that had on him and never taking life for granted. You will learn a lot, be inspired, and perhaps be ready to make changes in your own life. Catch the full episode here.

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