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Olivia Tries to Rescue Eddie From Drowning — and Charlotte Lies to Valentin About Why She Was at Anna’s

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At the Quartermaine boathouse, “Eddie” dives into the water after hearing himself singing to dive in. Olivia soon arrives and finds his boots and coat on the dock, but no sign of “Eddie.” She looks out into the water and sees splashing and thinks it’s Eddie. She dives in and begins searching underwater for him. “Eddie” meanwhile swims to follow the voice he’s hearing.



Olivia worried GH

Eddie ends up getting tangled in vines, and as he struggles, he thinks about everyone trying to remind him who he is. Eventually “Eddie” passes out, but Olivia manages to get to him and begins to try and untangle him.

Ned Eddie water GH

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In the kitchen, Brook Lynn asks her mom what Tracy meant about her leaving. Lois believes her work here is done, but if she needs her, she’ll stay right where she is. Brook Lynn admits she’s not in crisis for once, but it’s been nice having her here especially with Dad going through this Eddie Maine phase.

BLQ mom GH

Talk turns to the business, and she asks her daughter if she and Blaze are ready for battle. Brook Lynn believes she is. Lois notes it’s going to take a lot of work and be a hard road, and Deception could be the easier path to take. Brook Lynn says there are too many bad memories and lost friends there. Lois asks why she doesn’t just give the company back to her friends and stick it to Granny. Brook Lynn says she can’t as Tracy made herself president of the board. Lois says there is always a way around Tracy, but to get the queen out of the castle, you have to be inside it first.

Lois BLQ

Brook Lynn feels bad about conspiring to oust Tracy with what she’s going through. Lois says Tracy would be the first to say family is family and business is business. Lois guesses she’ll have to stick around Port Charles and help her with her Tracy problem.

At Deception, Maxie meets with the photographer Salvadore, and she can’t believe Sasha is going to be immortalized by him. Salvadore becomes angry and won’t work with a doper, or a fragile unstable flower such as Sasha. Maxie promises that Sasha, who arrives, won’t let him down. Maxie helps convince Salvadore to work with Sasha, and the shoot begins. Cody soon arrives with a baby alpaca for the shoot, per Maxie’s request, and watches Sasha work. Cody is mesmerized while watching Sasha, ignoring Maxie when she asks him to bring the alpaca in for the shoot.

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During a break, Sasha meets Ferdinand, the baby alpaca. When Salvadore sees her, Cody and the alpaca together, he feels this is the authentic shot he has been looking for and begins photographing them. Salvadore gives them modeling instructions, and Maxie can’t believe how perfect this is turning out.

Felicia meets with Stella at the café and tells her about her best friend Anna shooting a young girl, and it was her fault. Stella asks how this is her fault. Felicia says it was her idea that Anna moved into that apartment, if she had stayed with her and Mac then it wouldn’t have happened. Stella says she doesn’t know that, and no one could have predicted that girl would be there. Stella suggests she take the day off, but Felicia needs to work to keep from worrying about Anna.

Changing the subject, Felicia asks about Curtis, and if his accident is why she is staying at Port Charles. Stella answers, “Yes and no.” Stella admits while in London she met a charming and proper British man, George. She says he became her tour guide of the city, it was like something out of a movie. She fell hard for him, and George proposed. She turned him down as it would have meant staying in London, while her family is here.

At the Metro Court, Laura meets with Spencer and breaks the news about his cousin Charlotte being shot. She explains Charlotte is supposed to recover, and there is a lot they don’t know about what happened. She just wanted him to hear this from her. There is something else they need to discuss, but he doesn’t want to discuss his father if that is what she wants to talk about. Suddenly Esme interrupts and has big news to share with them.

Spencer upset GH

Esme reveals she found the perfect apartment for her and Ace and she made an appointment to see it. Spencer tells her to cancel it as she’s not taking Ace anywhere. Esme states she’s going to look at the apartment unless Laura has changed her mind about helping her with the rent. Laura hasn’t, and she wants to see the place and will co-sign with her if she deems it safe. Spencer is upset, but Esme says she is Ace’s mother and she has to make the best decisions for her and her son. She leaves, and Laura stops Spencer from following.

Esme news GH

Spencer asks why Laura’s helping take Ace from him. Laura explains that Ace will always be his brother, but he is not his father, and he and Esme aren’t a couple. Laura believes this is best in the long run, so as not to confuse Ace. Spencer says she’s wrong and Ace needs to stay with him.

Laura SPencer

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At Sonny’s, he asks Anna where she’s going. She wants to go to the hospital and explain things to Valentin. Sonny states that’s the last thing she should do.  He doesn’t think Valentin has been given enough time to process what happened and hear an explanation from her. Dante soon arrives, and Anna asks if he’s here to arrest her. He’s not, he’s here to discuss the content of Charlotte’s backpack.

Sonny no GH

Dante again asks Anna if she locked her door, which Anna insists she did and when she found it unlocked she assumed there was an intruder. Dante tells her one of the things in the backpack was a key with a shoe keychain. She says it sounds like the key Maxie gave her, and the last time she remembers having it was at Valentin’s and Charlotte was there. Dante reveals there is more, there was a can of spray paint that matches the color and kind used to spray paint “murderer” on her door.

Dante Anna GH

Sonny says that doesn’t prove much, and it was Halloween and she is a kid, so it could have been part of a prank. Anna believes the person targeting her is ruthless enough to use Charlotte to get to her. She insists she has to talk to Valentin and takes off.

After Anna leaves, Sonny doesn’t think a WSB agent told Charlotte to go after Anna. Dante doesn’t know what to think, but Charlotte has had a complicated life. He says the evidence is pointing at Charlotte as the one targeting Anna.

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At the hospital, Valentin and Nina are by Charlotte’s bedside when she finally wakes up. Charlotte is happy to see them together. Valentin asks if she remembers what happened. She knows that Anna shot her. Nina explains it was an accident, and that Anna thought she was an intruder. Nina says she talked to Anna about the mistake, but Charlotte wants to know what she said to her papa. He hasn’t been able to talk to her yet, but he wants to know why she changed her costume, why she left her friends, and why she broke into Anna’s. Nina suggests they let Charlotte rest, but Charlotte wants to tell her papa what happened.

Charlotte newes

Charlotte explains she switched her costume as she knows he doesn’t seem to like her reading Tarot. She claimed she went to Anna’s to return her key, which she dropped at their house. She knocked and nobody answered, so she let herself in. She was going to leave a note, but that’s when Anna shot her. She hopes her papa isn’t angry, and says she only wanted to help. Nina says Charlotte needs rest, so she and Valentin leave her.

In the hall, Valentin knows Charlotte is lying. Nina says she’s alive and this other stuff can wait. He thanks her for being here for Charlotte. Nina takes his hand and says she’s a phone call away, and will be back tomorrow. Nina takes off, and Anna arrives. She and Valentin look at one another but don’t speak.

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