‘OutDaughtered’ Danielle & Adam Busby Catch Intruders At Home

OutDaughtered star Adam Busby learned how to use a handgun to protect his family, but fortunately, a recent intrusion at the TLC stars’ home didn’t require any violence. Mind you, Danielle Busby was quite upset about it. Keep on reading to find out what happened.

Adam Busby Was Called By Danielle After Kids Saw Two Intruders

The intruders that upset the OutDaughtered mom were not human. So, you can relax on that one. They were not aliens either, which is a relief. If they had been aliens, curious quint, Riley might have just gone out and asked to check out their spaceship. Instead, they were animal intruders and Danielle made her husband chase them away.

Adam and Danielle Busby - OutDaughtered - TLC YouTube
Adam and Danielle Busby – OutDaughtered – TLC YouTube

Adam Busby and his family encountered plenty of animals in their yard in League City, Houston. During quarantine, the kids spent endless hours catching June bugs, much to their mom’s disgust. TLC fans know that from a very young age, Riley led the interest in small critters and creepy crawlies. And, the other quints became interested as well.

Danielle Busby Wanted Two Intruders Gone Instantly

TLC fans know that the mom of the quints and Blayke can’t stand roaches. They are her pet hate, and she won’t put up with them in her home. However, it wasn’t roaches that freaked her out this Christmas. Instead, one of the quints standing by the window sang out that they had two possums in the yard. In the short clip on Instagram, when Danielle saw what they were doing she wasn’t pleased.

OutDaughtered Family Possums In The Yard - Danielle Busby Instagram
OutDaughtered Family Possums In The Yard – Danielle Busby Instagram

Yelling for Adam Busby to get rid of the possums, she noted that they were making babies in the garden by the corner of the fence. So, off went the OutDaughtered dad to chase them away, to the disappointment of the girls. A couple of years ago, it was Blayke who rescued some intruders when a bunny fell in the pool.

TLC Fans Discuss Harmless Possums Chased By Adam Busby

In the comments section of the post, some TLC fans who know about possums thought that the TLC stars shouldn’t have chased the animals.

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  • They are awesome! They are harmless! They are great to have! They eat snakes and bad bugs! They only live a couple years. The[y] can co exist with dogs and cats. They don’t see well or hear well. They don’t have rabies.
  • Possums are excellent to have in your yard! They get rid of all kinds of insects that could be harmful.
  • I rescue and rehab opossums and they are misunderstood amazing little guys ❤️

Incidentally, the clip came from the Christmas video that Adam Busby posted on his YouTube. You can watch the full video below.

A Very OutDaughtered Christmas Morning Vlog


What are your thoughts about Danielle Busby being so irritated with the possums making babies in their yard? Have you ever had small critters intrude into your space? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your OutDaughtered news.

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