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Garrison Brown Memorial Fund Exceeds Expectations, Through The Roof

Garrison Brown-YouTube

A memorial fund set up for Garrison Brown has far exceeded expectations and is continuing to go through the roof. It is amazing what an impact he had on the lives of people who did not even know him. Yet, so many felt that they did as they watched him grow up for fourteen years. So, what fund was set up and how well is it doing? Read on for more details.

Garrison Brown Memorial Fund Exceeds Expectations, Through The Roof

When Garrison Brown took his own life at the age of twenty-five, viewers were shocked. It was as if they had lost a family member. He was always so sweet and level-headed plus Janelle and Christine Brown were so beloved. Hearts were broken for the family and his many siblings who had lost their brother. However, just days before this happened, Garrison made the most beautiful gesture. He shared a photo of him snuggling a cat and wrote this in the caption: “Newest edition to my home, Ms Buttons. She’s 9 years old and was on the line for euthanasia but my savior complex couldn’t suffice. #crazycatlady.”

Garrison Brown-Instagram
Garrison Brown-Instagram

Buttons joined Garrison’s two other kitties so he really had an affinity for animals which was so sweet. Sadly, he could not save himself like he saved his little cat. Ultimately, the High Country Humane Society began receiving donations in honor of the late Garrison. Now, according to a Reddit thread, both High Country and Coconino Humane are getting an incredible amount of donations. The OP shared this: “The total is well over $9,600 as there are a lot with unknown amounts.”

Of course, fellow Redditors were both excited and thrilled to learn that Garrison Brown’s love for animals was leaving such an impact:

  • This is an incredible outpouring.
  • Thank you for sharing I just donated
  • It’s awesome fans are donating to the shelters. They will probably notify Jenelle of the donations made in his name.
  • I made a donation in his name too. This is so wonderful.
  • I made a small donation this week, it felt like something I could do to honour him and a cause that was important to him.


On Redditor noted that this number is not completely accurate as fans are donating to more than just these two shelters. There are donations being made worldwide, some just being made in Canada in honor of Garrison Brown. The biggest hope was Janelle Brown would get a message of how much had been donated so she could truly see how beloved her son was. One follower shared that they messaged Meri Brown, Janelle’s former sister wife. They let her know what was going on, hoping she could keep Janelle updated.

Are you amazed at how this donation fund has taken off? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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