The General Hospital Return That Would Thrill Longtime Fans and Completely Upend Carly’s Love Life

It’s been decades since General Hospital viewers last saw Blackie Parrish. Laura’s adopted brother took the fall for his girlfriend’s accidental death and went to prison for two years. The pop star was supposed to perform at the 2014 Nurses Ball but, owing to a scheduling conflict, didn’t. So what’s he been doing since?

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Life On the Outside
Suppose Blackie gave up touring and founded his own real-estate firm, Riff Raff, Inc. Having made it big in business, he might finally return to his old hometown to give the waterfront a glow-up… just as Carly is taking over Kelly’s. He wants to buy as part of his plan to make over the area. She has no intention of selling; rather, she wants to turn the eatery into a hot spot.

So they bicker, and bargain, and banter. And as Carly gradually comes to see the sweet heart lurking beneath Blackie’s hard exterior and sarcastic attitude, she begins to wonder if she’s found something in him that she doesn’t have in Drew. Blackie is like her — he came from nothing. He knows what it’s like to struggle and scrape by, and he certainly knows all about paying the price for his mistakes.

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A New Power Couple
In the end, an impulsive kiss leads to a more deliberate one, and by the time Drew is released from Pentonville, his welcome-home party is short one girlfriend. Carly has gone into business with Blackie — and fallen for the guy.

For longtime viewers, the character’s comeback would be a blast, especially if it means more appearances by Blackie’s adoptive mom, Lesley. And though primetime megastar John Stamos is unlikely to reclaim his old role, there’s a plethora of available actors who’d be great in the part. Top of our list? Chris Beetem, who once subbed as Nikolas on the show. (Gotta admit there’s a resemblance, no?)

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