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Will GH Spoilers Show That This Person Was Austin’s Shooter?

gh spoilers banner over a shot of austin before and after getting shot.Who shot Austin Gatlin-Holt?

GH spoilers sure are making us wonder who shot Austin and left him to bleed out for what appears to be multiple episodes. Granted, he wasn’t the most popular man in Port Charles, but no one seemed to be actively gunning for him, either. So who could have put that bullet in his chest? And why?

Two Can Keep a Secret If One of Them Is Dead

Austin (Roger Howarth) helped Ava (Maura West) get rid of what she thought was Nikolas’s dead body. For some people, that would be a bonding experience. For others, it’s a liability. Then Austin neglected to tell her that Nikolas was still alive — a huge betrayal. Ava knows she can’t trust Austin. So why not get rid of him? For good.

GH Spoilers: I’m Still Standing

Remember how Nik is still alive? (See above.) He likely doesn’t appreciate that whole being hit over the head, left for dead, then dumped and kept in a coma for over a year thing. Austin was a part of that. We still don’t exactly understand how or why. But he was. During that time, he slept with Nik’s wife. And, Nik is a Cassadine. Cassadines don’t take well to being killed or betrayed. It’s why they keep coming back from the dead to avenge their…uh…deaths.

Nowhere Man

Not that viewers ever had a great sense of what Austin was about in general. We’re still not sure why he was in town, what he wanted, who he was working for, or whom he was really working for. So, we would be equally unsurprised to learn that the person who shot him was someone we didn’t know, for a reason we didn’t know. Or care about.

As Clear as the Nose on Your Face

Then again, all roads do seem to point to Cyrus (Jeff Kober). It was obviously Cyrus. Either Cyrus or someone who works for Cyrus. Austin and Cyrus were connected, and now Cyrus or someone who works for Cyrus has shot him, possibly for talking with Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and being ready to turn on Cyrus. Cyrus doesn’t take betrayal well either. And he had a lot to lose.

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