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General Hospital: Big Casting Shakeup, Carly Out Of GH? Laura Wright Drops Hints

Casting shakeups is steadily becoming a permanent feature on General Hospital. The ABC soap has recently gone through several recasts in a very short span. Of course, with some of them being received better than others. Now, the rumor mill is ripe with a spillage that will take the long-running soap and its fans by storm. The latest word around the block is that the iconic Laura Wright might be on her way out! Does that mean Carly is getting written out or being recast? Keep reading to find out!

Recently, General Hospital star Laura Wright (Carly) expressed on a social media platform that she is totally loving Special Ops: Lioness. A fan then asked Laura if she would be game for a similar project if the opportunity ever came up. The talented actress had quite a zealous response for the question! ” Ha. Yes !!” She responded. Furthermore, she even had a suggestion for who her leading man should be and which channel it should air on! “we should do a [Hallmark] spy series,” she continued in her response.

Laura also tagged her General Hospital co-star Cameron Mathison in her message. Asking him if he would like to do the series with her. Interestingly, Cameron is already working with the Hallmark Channel for the Hannah Swensen films for Hallmark Mysteries and Movies. Co-starring Allison Sweeney, who plays Sami on Days of Our Lives. In recent times, Hallmark has become the most preferred avenue for soap stars to expand their body of work beyond the dailies to some different genres.

Will Laura Wright Quit General Hospital For A Spy Series?

While getting to watch Laura and Cameron throw some kicks and punches in a spy series sounds exciting. We wonder if it is something that Laura Wright would be able to manage given her role in General Hospital. She enjoys quite a lot of screen-time on the ABC soap as Carly. Hence, it is understandable that she spends a massive amount of her time shooting for GH. So, if she has to accommodate a new project, then she will have to cut-down on her appearances as Carly.

General Hospital
GH/ Laura Wright as Carly

We wonder how General Hospital fans would react to that change if it ever came up! While the fanbase of other actors/characters might take her absence in stride, her own fans, especially CARSON shippers would be devastated. Thankfully, that day is not anytime in the near future, as Laura is just bouncing ideas! Neither she nor the production has given any indication about her stepping away from the soap. In fact, the latest spoilers tease that Carly will have her hands full with some new troubles soon.

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