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General Hospital Spoilers For The Week Of March 4-8, 2024

The moment all GH buffs have been waiting for with bated breaths is finally here! General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jason finally re-enters the fold in the March 4, 2024, episode. So brace yourselves for a dramatic entry! Keep reading to find all the juicy details!

Sonny Lays A Trap, Jason Morgan Arrives

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sonny has been dormant for long enough. During the week of March 4-8, 2024, the mobster takes back control and makes a big move. He approaches Spinelli with a brand new plan in mind.

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General Hospital Spoilers -Sonny
GH/ Sonny decides to trap his attacker

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Sonny asks Spinelli to lend his help in preparing a trap to net the attacker who has been relentlessly attacking him and his associates. General Hospital spoilers confirm that the unlikely duo will be venturing into a risky territory that may have some serious consequences.

Although, the consequences could be worse for the shooter Sonny is trying to trap. General Hospital spoilers say that the man who gets trapped in Sonny’s ploy might end up injured. And the person is going to be none other than – Jason Morgan.

General Hospital Spoilers - Jason Morgan
GH/ Is Jason the one trying to attack Sonny?

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But why exactly is Jason trying to take down Sonny? Moreover, where has he been all these years. Too many questions! Thankfully, many of them will be answered in the week starting March 4, 2024. So, stay tuned! This is not a week you want to miss out on.

General Hospital Spoilers: Liz Offers Shelter To A Past Ally

As the week progresses, many Port Charles residents will get some serious shockers. General Hospital spoilers reveal that the first person on that list is Liz! In the upcoming episodes, someone from her past lands at her doorstep seeking help. Could this person be Jason?

General Hospital Spoilers - Liz - Jason
GH/ Will Liz help Jason?

General Hospital spoilers confirm that Jason and Liz do have history together. Moreover, if he indeed gets caught up in Sonny’s trap and ends up injured, he may turn to Liz for medical aid on the down low. But will he be able to stay hidden for too long?

But that also brings the burning question- why is he hiding? How will Sonny, Carly and Sam react when they finally come face to face with Jason?

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