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General Hospital Spoilers Next TWO Week – (12/25/23 – 1/5/24)

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General Hospital Spoilers: Charlotte Uncovers Helena’s Final Video Message – Carries Out Grandmother’s Twisted Plan?


General Hospital Spoilers: Charlotte Uncovers Helena’s Final Video Message – Carries Out Grandmother’s Twisted Plan?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that the show’s setting up Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) as Helena Cassadine’s (Constance Towers) mini me. Charlotte clearly views Helena as a powerful figure to emulate, especially now that she’s wearing her grandmother’s necklace.

Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) left Charlotte that necklace in his will, so Charlotte is getting more and more tangled up in all the Cassadine twistedness.

Things are getting worse instead of better when it comes to Charlotte’s pull to the sinister side!

Now that the show’s focusing on this Charlotte and Helena connection, where will the story go from here?

It might be interesting if Charlotte uncovered a clue about Helena’s unfinished business.

At Luke Spencer’s (Anthony Geary) memorial service, Helena wanted the last word and had a special video delivered.

Unfortunately, Laura Collins (Genie Francis) pulled the plug on that video before fans could ever find out exactly what Helena wanted to reveal.

Since that’s always been an unanswered question, this would be a good opportunity to pick the dropped story up.

Perhaps Charlotte could find out about that video and become determined to track it down if it still exists.

Charlotte would probably jump at the chance to see Helena on tape and hear her last words.

Maybe Charlotte could somehow uncover this video along with this puzzle piece that GH writers have never revealed.

Could this lead to Charlotte carrying out a final mission for Helena?

There might be something in the video that would point Charlotte in a dangerous new direction.

It could take Charlotte even further down this villainous path and cause her to spiral out of control.

Charlotte may have to sink to some scary levels before she can truly see the error of her ways and get the help she needs.

How do you feel about Charlotte embracing her Cassadine side and becoming more like Helena? Could Helena find a way to reach Charlotte from beyond the grave?

General Hospital spoilers say some shockers are still to come in Charlotte’s messy Cassadine story, so stay tuned for updates on any wild news or horrific outcomes.

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