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General Hospital Spoilers: The Enemies Turn Lovers Trope Strikes Again- Drew & Nina A Couple?

We have seen this go down all too many times, recall General Hospital spoilers. One of the biggest examples of this enemies turn lovers trope are Anna and Val. But now, we may ahve on our hands yet another couple. That too one that no one expected- Drew and Nina! But, how and why? Well, let’s find out!

General Hospital Spoilers: Drew and Nina’s Playful Banter

This new version of Drew is beyond everyone’s comprehension at this point. So much so that even permanent Drew supporters – Sam and Carly have also taken a step back from him. Ever since he came out of Pentonville, he has been a ball of anger, General Hospital spoilers recall.

General Hospital Spoilers-Drew-Clary-
GH/ Drew and Carly clash

First he furiously clashed with Sam over their different view points over Scout’s parenting and school choices. Now, with Jason’s return to the fold, his already suffering relationship with Carly just blew apart, as per General Hospital spoilers.

Fans always knew it would happen. There was no way this half of the twin could win against the other one. No matter what- Jason would always come first to Carly, and she proved it. Obviously, Drew could not stand that and BAM! they were over. Just like that!

General Hospital Spoilers-Carly-Jason-
GH/ Jason’s return causes rift between Carly and Drew

Soon after the break up, Drew approached Nina with an offer to manage Crimson along with him. Yup! The same Crimson he snatched from Nina and gave to Carly. Now, he has fired Carly, and has crawled to Nina- hoping she would take back her old position, say General Hospital spoilers.

But what’s all the more interesting is the way Drew spoke to Nina. The furious blind rage had vanished in thin air. Now, we are not saying that they don’t despise each other anymore. They do. But it was coming out in a banter, almost playful in nature.

General Hospital Spoilers - Drew- Nina
GH/ Drew changes his tunes with Nina

Does that mean their chemistry could catch a passionate flame in the upcoming episode? Would you like to see Nina and Drew romantically involved? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Soap Opera Daily for more General Hospital spoilers.

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