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General Hospital’s Laura Wright Addresses the Rumors About Her Status as Carly

General Hospital’s Laura Wright took to social media to clear up one huge rumor that’s been making the rounds about her status on the show — namely that she’s leaving Port Charles for good. Say what?! Who’s spreading that whopper around? Who even knows how these things get started?

In any case, fan favorite Wright took to Twitter/X on October 2 to clear up the confusion and set the record straight. “Not sure how these crazy rumors get started but, heck no, I’m not going anywhere,” she tweeted in reassurance.

After all, Carly’s smack in the middle of a big story arc. Current flame Drew is still recovering from the near-fatal beating two geriatric prisoners gave him in Pentonville — and the truth about who turned him in to the SEC is poised to come out and put the kibosh on Sonny and Nina’s hopes for connubial bliss. There’s no doubt in our minds that Hurricane Carly’s going to rage through Port Charles, or at least the “Sona” wedding, because hell hath no fury like Carly scorned! That doesn’t sound like an exit story, does it?

Carly Drew be carefull GH


Now maybe some folks got confused, since General Hospital itself will be AWOL from TVs and Hulu this week — October 3 and 4, and potentially October 5 — because a Major League Baseball wildcard series is airing on ABC. (Why they couldn’t do this at night is anybody’s guess. Don’t they know we want our afternoon soaps?)


But Wright, who debuted as General Hospital’s fourth and now longest-running Carly back in 2005, is absolutely sticking around. “I’ll stay as long as you guys will have me!” said the actress, even hashtagging the message with #CarlysWorld to make it clear that we’re all still living on Planet Carly for the foreseeable future.

Take a road trip through Carly’s wild world via our photo gallery mapping the twists and turns of her life in Port Charles.

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