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Michael Keeps Nina’s Secret, But Sets Harsh Conditions — and Obrecht Returns to Port Charles

Wednesday, October 25, 2023: Today on General Hospital, Ava and Trina connect, Maxie confronts Lucy about Sasha, and Cody gets a surprise visitor.

Nina in trouble GH

Trina meets Ava at the bistro and embraces her upon seeing her. Trina heard what happened to her from Joss, and cries that she can’t lose her. Ava promises she won’t, and gives her the bare minimum details of what happened.


Trina meets Ava GH

Their talk turns to Trina’s trip, and Trina says the trip wouldn’t be half as good if not for Ava changing her life. Trina tells her about all the visits to the museums, and she owes Ava for opening her eyes to art. Trina loves her mom and both her dads, but she is also lucky to have her, who is like a second mom.

Ava and Trina carch up GH

Ava cries there aren’t many people in her life who care about her with no agenda, which is why she feels lucky to have Trina. Ava asks about the trip and being alone with Spencer. Trina calls the trip a dream, but now they are back to reality, which includes Esme and Ace. Ava tells her if it’s meant to be…

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At the hospital, Obrecht is thrilled to see Willow back at work. Willow tells her that she wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for her. Willow asks where she’s been all this time? Obrecht explains she’s been herding her demons and reinventing herself at a fancy European spa. On her way home she thought it would be wonderful if Willow, Nina and she went to the spa together. Willow doubts Nina would want to go without Sonny now that they are married. Obrecht didn’t know and fumes that she wasn’t invited, but Willow explains they decided to elope. Obrecht is glad Willow and Michael got to be there and thinks she still could have been invited, but she learned at the spa not to lament about the past and stay focused on the present. Willow thinks that sounds like a good philosophy.

Obrecht sees Willow GH

Obrecht asks how Willow is, and she says she is great. She says Wiley and Amelia are well, Michael’s being supportive, and things are getting better with Nina. Willow is thinking that she and Nina might be able to develop a relationship. Obrecht sees things are going well. Willow says not exactly, as Drew is still in prison and they both pray he gets released soon. Obrecht can tell something else is going on. Willow confides in her about her dreams of Harmony trying to warn her not to trust someone. Obrecht says her mind is trying to protect her from her deepest fear, that what she’s gone through will return. She advises Willow to ignore it, as it’s a classic Freudian dream.

Willow Obrecht meet GH

At Kelly’s, Carly calls the prison to schedule a visit with Drew but is denied. She demands to speak to the warden.

Carly calls Warden GH

In the park, Maxie asks James why he suddenly wants a new Halloween costume. James has changed his mind because Halloween is the most important holiday according to his grandmother.

Maxie and James head to Kelly, and Carly takes their orders. Maxie gets back to James’ costume, which she doesn’t even know what he wants to be. He says she won’t like it.

Maxie and James lunch GH

Carly takes off. Outside, Lucy meets with Martin. Lucy tells him about going to the Quartermaine’s with the contract to throw it in that woman’s face, but Tracy wasn’t even there. She says Tracy not only stole her company, but she’s also derailing her vision for it. She fills him in about Tracy mandating that Sasha remains the face of Deception, but they don’t even know if she still wants that. Martin thinks she at least owes it to Sasha to make her the offer. Lucy’s not sure as she found the perfect new face.

MArtin Lucy talk Tracy GH

Back inside, Obrecht surprises Maxie and James. Maxie says they’ve missed her very much. Maxie then looks out the window and sees Lucy talking to Martin.

Obrecht surprises Maxie and James GH

Outside, Lucy lays out her plans to Martin to use Blaze as the new face, but Tracy will have nothing to do with it. Maxie appears and says Tracy is right. She reminds Lucy that they discussed this, and they owe Sasha the option to continue, and they agreed to call her today.

Maxie sides with Tracy GH

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Michael drops by Crimson to see Nina and notices the flowers his dad sent her on her desk. She gushes how lucky she is. He agrees, but luck runs out, he learned that with Willow’s cancer. Nina intends to make sure this family never runs out of luck and suggests another family vacation to the island soon. Michael doesn’t think so as his family won’t be spending time with her in the future.

Michael confronts Nina GH

Nina doesn’t understand, as she thought they were moving forward and leaving the animosity in the past. At the wedding she felt so… Michael says, “Lucky? That’s because she was and they didn’t know what she did, but now I do, and your luck has run out.” Nina has no idea what she’s accusing her of. Michael plays Martin’s confession for her and wonders what he should do with this.

Michael ezposes Nina GH

Nina notes he clearly got Martin to violate client confidentiality somehow and asks what he wants. Michael wants her to stay away from Willow forever. However, he knows that would make Willow suspicious, so from now on she needs his permission to see his family. She scoffs and tells Michael she thought they were moving forward and suggests he forget about this and do just that, move forward. He rants that he’s not letting her get off that easy.

Nina is esposed GH

Nina lashes out and screams, “Me get off that easy?” She reminds him that his mother kept both of her daughters from her. She says she could have helped Nelle, which Michael disagrees with. She reminds him even after Nelle died and she learned the truth after she was dead that Carly then kept the truth about Willow from her and everyone and waited until Willow was dying to finally admit it. She says sure people will be unhappy with her for what she did, but Carly committed a crime.

Nina refuses to let Michael play God with her life. She won’t be kept from her family, and she’ll tell them and explain what happened. Michael laughs that Willow won’t forgive her for what she did, especially to Drew who saved her life. He blames Nina for sending Drew to prison where he was almost beaten to death. He also says Sonny won’t listen to her, as he too has been trying to help Drew get out, and would be furious that she was the one who cost his mother everything. He then points out she also stood by while everyone blamed Ned for turning Carly and Drew into the SEC.

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Michael tells Nina he should tell his dad the truth about her, but he won’t. He’s sure he’ll find out the woman he married in due time. Until then, Nina is not to see his family without his permission. He also demands she sell his mother back her half of the Metro Court. Nina points out that Carly doesn’t have the money. Michael insists she find a way to make it work. Suddenly Willow appears to see Nina, only to find Michael there. She asks if she’s interrupting?

At Sonny’s restaurant, Brick asks Sonny about the change of plans with his wedding, and if they got married on the islands. Sonny says they did and fills him in on the celebration. They turn to discussing Cyrus’ release, and what he’s going to do next.

Brick and Sonny catch up GH

Sonny doubts Cyrus gave away all his money, and he wants to know who Cyrus is working with, so Brick offers to do a deep dive into his finances. Suddenly Carly shows up and is surprised to see Brick. Carly explains she came because of her call to Pentonville and that they won’t let her see Drew. Sonny excuses himself to make calls, and Brick and Carly catch up.

Carly needs help GH

Sonny returns and relays that Drew is in solitary. Brick suggests they are doing this to protect Drew, and to cover their own asses so he doesn’t get beat again. Either they don’t know who attacked Drew, or don’t want to know. Sonny agrees. Sonny and Carly inform Brick about Alexis trying to help them get Drew out. Sonny states Drew is their focus now, and once he’s out, they’ll deal with Cyrus.

Sonny office GH

Dante visits Cody at the Quartermaine stables. Sasha is brought up, and Cody assumes she’s gone by now. The camera pans to Sasha’s apartment which is clear and empty. Dante says he went to see her, and he understands wanting to start fresh. Dante wanted to make sure Sasha was okay, but also asks Cody if he’s okay?

Dante Cody argue about Mac GH

Dante helps Cody tend to the horses, and Cody asks Dante why he thinks he’s not okay. Dante says because he pretended to be crazy to save Sasha, and now she’s moved away. He says it’s okay to admit he likes her. Cody says he does like her. Dante thinks now that Cody has told Sam and Sasha about Mac that maybe he wants Mac to find out the truth too.

Cody says he doesn’t, he only told the people he could trust. He says Mac has a family and is happy, he doesn’t need to be stuck with him as a son. Dante points out Mac bent the rules to help him save Sasha, and Mac was proud of what he did. Cody admits that means a lot to him, but he still thinks Mac is better off without him and he doesn’t need to mess up his life. Dante invites Cody over to watch the game with him, Sam and the kids next weekend, and Cody accepts.

Dante heads out, Cody talks with the horses. He doesn’t regret what he did, and he understands some people have to start over someplace else. However, it sucks when someone is left behind. Suddenly, Sasha appears.

On the next General Hospital: Curtis’ buttons are pushed. Joss is left outraged. Sonny and Dante get together to discuss something. Felicia makes a big mistake. Cody is given something to consider.

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