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General Hospital: Will Nik’s Return Blow Up Liz And Finn’s Budding Relationship?

General Hospital has always had an affinity for building up relationships to a really high point, only to throw a monkey-wrench in the engine as soon as it starts revving! For instance, GH had been building up Ava and Austin for an epic romance. But look what happened! They just revealed a rather dubious side of Austin, which might soon pull the plug on whatever was brewing between him and Ava. But that’s not the only couple that could be on the verge of going KAPOOT! The latest spoilers tease that the ABC soap might throw yet another couple to the wolves soon enough! Keep reading Tv Season & Spoilers to find out all about it!

Liz Promises Forever To Finn

Previously on General Hospital, when Liz agreed to help Nikolas with his Esme and her pregnancy, it seriously felt like these ex-lovers will reunite. However, being as star-crossed as they have been through the years, that hope was soon dashed. In a violent twist, Ava smashed Nik’s head with a statue. Effectively putting him in a coma. However, no one really knew what happened with Nik, and his absence was charted off as him running away from what he did to Esme. Later, Liz started getting closer to her other ex-flame, Finn. At first there were some apprehensions between them, despite the fact that Finn’s daughter, Violet, kept pushing them towards each other.

General Hospital

Although sparks were flying between Liz and Finn, the two tried a great deal to curb their feelings for each other on General Hospital. Maybe they did not want to complicate their new found friendship with romantic feelings. But after witnessing the shootout at Metro Court, the two decided life is too short to not give love another chance.

On that note, they shared a passionate kiss and took the first step towards a new relationship. Later, when Finn found out about his father’s ALS diagnosis. Liz resolved to stick by Finn and his family during their dark hour. But will she really be able to keep her words?

General Hospital: The Dark Prince Has Risen, Will Nik Snatch Liz From Finn?

We have been soap lovers long enough to know what happens when someone makes a big fancy promise! It is tested and tested and tested until everything just falls apart to make way for something new. General Hospital is no different! Thus, Liz’s bid resolve feels like a call for trouble! Moreover, now that we know Nik has woken up from his coma, he will surely pop back into Port Charles any minute now! We have a feeling that Nik’s return will create heavy complications for many people on the canvas!

Of course, Ava will be on top of that list o General Hospital. Esme could be second! That is, if Nik has revenge on mind. As for Liz, of course, Nik has nothing but love in his heart. Yet, his return could completely blow up Liz’s life. Because deep-down even she has feelings for him. The two have always been like ships in the sea. They never really have had a solid chance to make their relationship work. But now, when Nik returns, he will be quite single. He will certainly not want anything to do with Ava and Esme in the romance department.

Moreover, the General Hospital fandom is constantly complaining about how much of a yawn Liz and Finn are together. Maybe their relationship is about to become collateral to Nik! When he returns he will surely need some allies on his side. And we have a feeling he will certainly be knocking at Liz’s door! Do you think when Liz answers, she will also open the door to heart for him? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on Nik, Finn and Liz’s future!

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